Επιστροφή στο Πρόγραμμα Ανταγωνιστικότητα 2021-2027 Υπουργείο Οικονομίας & Ανάπτυξης ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020 δράσεις για σένα - έργα για όλους

We Venture Abroad

The Action aims at supporting the Greek exporting manufacturing enterprises by participating in international exhibitions in EU and other countries.

Actions budget:
50 millions €

The action is co-financed by Greece and the European Union – European Regional Development Fund.


Very small, Small and medium sized enterprises which up to the date of the Calls announcement meet the following requirements:

– They have been operating at least for one year
– They do have eligible activity code numbers (ΚΑΔ) that the Action funds and they need to promote through the participation in international commercial exhibitions
– They produce the promoted products
– They are already exporting products. Their exports volume should be at least 2% of the total enterprises turnover.

Business Plan  Budget

Each participating enterprise can request co-financing for business plans with total budget of 100.000 €.

The co-financing rate is 50%.

Budget may be allocated according to the following options: 

  • Up to 20.000 € per exhibition when the exhibitor’s kiosk is up to 20 m2 (grant limit: 10.000).
  • Up to 35.000 € per exhibition when the exhibitor’s kiosk is up to 50 m2 (grant limit: 17.500).
  • Up to 50.000 € per exhibition when the exhibitor’s kiosk is more than 50 m2 (grant limit: 25.00).

Subsidized expenditures

Participating in international exhibitions which take place out of Greece’s territory.

Exhibitions’ participation and registration cost.

Travel and accommodation expenses for the enterprises representatives (four individuals maximum).  The expenditures could concern:

– Local transportation needs to the exhibition location,
– Accommodation at the country that the exhibition takes place,
– Exhibitions kiosk rental, construction and design cost, equipment rental,
– Exhibits transportation to and from the state where there will be the exhibition. Insuranse cost included,
– Fees for personnel, which supports the operation of the exhibition kiosk (e.g. Security guards, translator etc),
– Leaflet design and translation.

Important notice

The Call will remain active for participation till budget exhaustion or up to 18 months after the publication date.

Online submission

Starting date for submissions is 18.01.18, at 14:00.
Last date for submissions is 15.07.2019 at 17:00.

Potential beneficiaries are required to submit an electronic application for co-financing to the State Aid Information System ( The application will be evaluated in chronological order according to the date of submission.

Potential beneficiaries will submit simultaneously their application and their  Electronic Application Folder.

CAUTION: Please note that each attached document should be in size no more than 10 MB.

Contact – Info:

EPAnEK Information Office: 56, Messogion Ave., Athens.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Information by telephone at  801 11 36 300, from a household line, with a local phone charge, from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm.
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